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Stones are easily taken for granted.  They can be found just about anywhere. They can be hard or soft, colorful or gray, sparkly or dull.  Just like us, stress can make then smooth and rounded or rough and jagged. Sometimes, its very easy to forget just how important they can be. 


Stones have been used by mankind throughout history.  Beautiful stones and pebbles have been used as a form of adornment or currency, symbolizing value and power.  Large stones and rocks have been used to build homes, bridges, and other structures.  Stones have been used to symbolize strength, dependability, and permanence.  Stones are also absorbers.  They absorb heat from the sun or fire and they absorb coldness of the earth.  Stones also absorb energy from us when we hold them, focus on casting our energy into them – in doing this, stones also become a comforter,                                        . 

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