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A blessing is defined as something that gives approval or encouragement; a thing conducive to happiness, good fortune, or welfare.  By this definition, we all experience and encounter so many blessings throughout our daily lives. 


First and foremost, we at                                            are family.  Our team is comprised of a husband and wife who have found themselves at the very bottom and have stuck together to rise above any adversity we face.  We have been each other's rocks, providing stability and solid ground to each other.  We (and our children) have been each other's tokens, showing our love and appreciation for each other and what we do.  Our family is entrenched in the cultural traditions each partner brought to the union.

It is our mission to share these blessings with others - to provide others with a physical object to be that stability and strength or an inspirational word they can have with them always.  To give others tokens to pass along to remind people of their love and blessings.  To share our traditions and culture with those around us!


Our Stones

Our Tokens

Our Павучки

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